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Bamboo Plywood

Largest Selection Of Bamboo Plywood On The Web for Cabinets, Countertops and More

Features & Benefits of Bamboo Plywood

sustainable material


Our bamboo plywood is made from moso bamboo plants that are harvested every 5-7 years.



Bamboo plywood is a versatile material that can be used for any project from cutting boards to countertops.

alluring aesthetic


Due to the unique grain of bamboo, our plywood is an eye-catching building material with a natural, elegant appearance.



Ambient© bamboo plywood comes in horizontal, vertical, and strand woven styles to provide a variety of unique looks.

no off-gassing


Ambient's bamboo plywood meets the highest indoor air quality standards making it safe for use in homes & offices alike.

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At Ambient, we specialize in bamboo products and sell 4x8 unfinished bamboo panels in a multitude of thicknesses, grains, and colors, in order to accommodate a wide variety of uses. Want an eco-friendly material for custom countertops? Consider bamboo wood panels. Interested in creating some ultra-cool shelving comprised of a sustainable, eye-catching surface? Go with bamboo!

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Carbonized Horizontal Flat Grain Bamboo Plywood Sheet Thumb1 2 Inch
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1/2 inch Carbonized Horizontal Unfinished Bamboo Plywood

8' x 4' Sheet
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Carbonized Horizontal Flat Grain Bamboo Plywood Sheet Thumb3 4 Inch
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3/4 inch Carbonized Horizontal Unfinished Bamboo Plywood

8' x 4' Sheet
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The beauty of our plywood panels is that they can be used for many different purposes: cabinetry, moldings, countertops, furniture - and a range of other arts and crafts projects. Because bamboo is cost-efficient, beautiful and sustainable, it makes the perfect choice for all types of applications.

Benefits of Bamboo Plywood

There are so many functional and aesthetic benefits of bamboo plywood, from impressive strength and durability to greater sustainability. Thanks to its interesting grain, bamboo is an eye-catching material with a natural, elegant appearance. Highly renewable, it comes from a plant that releases more oxygen into the environment than trees. It also weathers well, giving you a long-lasting and durable structure whether you’re creating kitchen countertops or bedroom furniture.

Our bamboo panels come in a variety of colors, grains and thicknesses, so you have lots of options for using in a project. Bamboo is a versatile material that can be used in everything from cutting boards to floors to countertops. If you want a beautiful, resilient, eco-friendly and affordable material for your home or a commercial project, you've found it.

Strand Woven vs. Horizontal vs. Vertical Bamboo

Bamboo is sometimes described as "strand woven", “horizontal” or “vertical,” which refers to the process of how it is made. Strand woven bamboo is composed of two outer layers that were manufactured using compressed bamboo strands, and it has a marbling effect. Horizontal bamboo is created by gluing thin strips of bamboo horizontally and you can see the nodes of the bamboo culm more prominently. To create vertical bamboo, strips of bamboo are glued vertically, which creates thinner lines visually.

The three types produce unique looks. Just as with horizontal flooring, the bamboo’s natural nodes are visible while with vertical flooring, the nodes are not visible.

Why Buy From Ambient Bamboo

When it comes to finding the best place to buy bamboo plywood online, there’s no better resource than Ambient Bamboo. Simply put, we offer the best quality in the marketplace. We also stock a wide variety of panels, and we provide discounts on orders of over 30 sheets. Want to check our plywood out for yourself? Order a few samples below!

Ambient bamboo's strand woven panels are 2-3X harder than comparable wood surfaces and have been tested for indoor air quality safety, with consistent test results showing essentially no off-gassing. They're also priced affordably, giving you premium quality at wholesale costs. Come to Ambient Bamboo and enjoy nationwide direct shipping for all of our bamboo plywood sheets.

All of our bamboo panels come with an "A" or "Front" side and a "B" or "Back" side, the difference being that the A side is slightly more smooth and has more uniformity of color, whereas the B side may be a bit more rough and also has a higher degree of variation. Pay attention to these A and B side markings to ensure that your bamboo panel installation happens properly. We offer a wide range of thicknesses as well as colors and grains for you to choose from for your project.

Whatever your bamboo needs, Ambient Bamboo Products is the place to trust for all your bamboo panel needs!

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