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Bamboo Flooring Installation & Cleaning Supplies

Our installation and cleaning supplies can be purchased separately, or shipped with your existing flooring order.

Offering the beauty of hardwoods but made from sustainable materials, bamboo and eucalyptus floors are increasingly popular surface options today. Whether you’ve recently built a new home, remodeled a room or for any other reason added bamboo floors to your space, you'll need to ensure you're using the correct installation tools and supplies, and maintaining your floors with the proper cleaners. You can count on Ambient to supply you with affordable installation supplies, tools, and cleaners that won't break your budget.


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3in1 Cross Linked Polyethylen Foam Pad Underlayment Bamboo Flooring thumb

Super Silencer 3 in 1 Vapor & Sound Barrier | 2mm | 100 sf per roll

100 Sq ft per roll



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Sound Defender Rubber Underlayment T

Sound Defender 3 in 1 Vapor and Sound Barrier | 3mm | 107 sf per roll

107 Sq ft per roll


Accessories and Supplies

Use floor installation supplies from Ambient® to get your bamboo or eucalyptus flooring installed correctly. Once you’ve done that, utilize our eucalyptus and bamboo flooring accessories to keep them looking sharp. We offer a wide variety of accessories and supplies, all designed to help you enjoy your new floors for years to come.

Nail guns. Useful for tongue and groove solid bamboo and other hardwoods, nail guns provide for fast and economical installation.
Trowels. Available in different sizes, trowels are the perfect tools for applying urethane adhesives to sub-floors.
Underlayment. We offer several types of underlayment, a thin layer of material that goes beneath the finished hardwood.
Adhesive wipes. When you're gluing down planks you'll want these handy towelettes to help clean up, with low VOC and low odor.

From beginning to end, Ambient® has everything you need to install and maintain your bamboo or eucalyptus flooring. You can request that your eucalyptus or bamboo flooring accessories and flooring installation supplies to be shipped separately from your flooring order.

Why Choose Ambient Building Products

Since our founding in 2005, Ambient has become known for offering the best quality materials in the industry. Backed by more than a decade of happy customers, we’re proud to be the company that leading architects, designers, contractors and homeowners trust for beautiful bamboo flooring — and the best place to go for affordable installation supplies and floor cleaners that protect and extend the life of your surfaces.

When you want high-caliber flooring made with only premium raw materials such as Moso bamboo, with the most advanced finish and milling systems in the world, come to us. Then, when you want products to install and maintain those floors, we’re here for you. You can count on us for the best prices, the ability to handle special shipping requests and more. Plus, we provide a lifetime warranty on our bamboo and eucalyptus floors.

If you have any questions about our bamboo floor cleaning products, call our experts at (866) 710-7070. You won’t find a better bamboo and eucalyptus floor cleaner at prices like ours anywhere else.

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